Interactive visual analytics for everything from web apps to advanced data analysis.

VisiTrend develops interactive, visual analytics that uniquely combine visualization with analysis algorithms. We offer tools and services that help users understand their data, discover new insights, and make more informed decisions. Our solutions can be applied to everything from business intelligence to scientific research.

The Challenge.

What insights are hidden in your data, and
how do you find them?Arrow Right

  • You may have big data, different types of data in different formats, or data spread across distributed databases.
  • User-friendly tools often aren't powerful enough, and powerful tools are often difficult to use.
  • You must be able to discover trends, before you can ask questions about them.

Our Process.

We start by understanding your problem to evaluate options.Arrow Right

  • We start with a free consultation to learn about your data, workflow, and analysis requirements.
  • We then work with you to evaluate options that best match your requirements, whether they include in-house technologies or leverage our expertise with 3rd party tools.
  • A user-centered approach is then used to solicit feedback and guide development as we converge on an optimal solution.

Your Benefit.

New insights that lead to more effective
decisions.Arrow Right

  • We go beyond basic graphs to build visual analytics that provide a better understanding of your data, and the ability to communicate it.
  • Our services will provide custom tools that are tailored for your data, to answer your questions.
  • Our interactive solutions will enable you to drive analysis, understand the results, and explore data to motivate new questions.