VIC3 / United States Air Force

The United States Air Force selected VisiTrend to research, design, and develop a Visualization tool for Integrated Cyber Command and Control (VIC3). This work is supported by the Air Force Research Laboratory under SBIR contract number FA8650-10-C-6115. Cyberspace superiority is a prerequisite for effective operations in all other warfighting domains. To achieve and maintain cyberspace superiority, there is a need for effective Command and Control (C2) tools to observe, plan, and execute cyber operations. Visualization is a significant enabler of C2 but new approaches are required for cyber security data sets. A key challenge is the complexity of this data: it is immense and multidimensional, includes streaming and log data, and comes from a diverse set of applications and devices with different protocols and formats. VIC3 employs unique visualization methods and interaction techniques to visually fuse these large and complex data sets and support cyber C2. It allows users to identify, tag, and track information dependencies and critical data flows, correlate cyber events, project potential effects, evaluate alternative cyber COAs, and view the relationships between cyber and kinetic operations. Principal innovations include: ยท Coordinated Views to fuse different data sets that require different visualization methods and provide multiple perspectives to support enhanced situation awareness. VIC3 employs unique interaction techniques for its coordinated views where user selections in one view can affect layout and other visual attributes in another. This provides users an understanding of how data points in different views are related and supports interactive analysis.

Last Updated October 17, 2011