NDVis is an interactive data visualization and analysis tool customized to address large, multidimensional databases. It was initially created to help neuroscientists analyze a database of ~1.7 million neuron simulations. It combines the methods of dimensional stacking and pixelization to view very large data sets in one image and provide an overview of the data landscape. NDVis also contains a number of unique interaction techniques that allow users to perform advanced analysis by simply interacting with the visualization. It is currently used in neuroscience classes at Emory University and in ongoing research projects at Brandeis University and abroad. VisiTrend has released a basic, open source version of NDVis at http://ndvis.sourceforge.net/ and continues to develop the tool for an upcoming enterprise version release. Further details on NDVis and the original research it supported are available here: http://neuron.cs.brandeis.edu/

Last Updated August 30, 2011